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Highest Quality Service at Dentist in Lake Mary

Highest Quality Service at Dentist in Lake Mary

Highest Quality Service at Dentist in Lake Mary

At Dentist of Lake Mary, we believe that everyone deserves to have the highest quality dental care available. With a highly recommended family-friendly dental office, an amazing staff, and the latest technology, a dentist in Lake Mary is the number one spot for patients of any age.

Here at our facilities, we treat our patients with the utmost care and quality. With a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, we value everything that goes into the dental care experience — from the moment you walk through the door to the time you complete your appointment.

The well-being of our patients is critical to the way we conduct our operations, and our staff will help with any of your dental questions or concerns. Our practices range from regular dental procedures such as teeth cleanings, to more advanced services like cosmetic treatments and pediatric care.

With this comes the best in cutting-edge dental technology that the area has to offer. On top of the everyday brushing and flossing instructions that are a part of typical teeth cleanings, our equipment can detect specific types of structural problems, infections, and even oral cancer. At Lake Mary, your oral health is just as important as your regular health care. Our staff of professional dental hygienists and dental surgeons work with you to create the treatment plan best suited to your needs.

If you are looking to give your smile a beautiful new look, our highly skilled team has you exactly what you need. Here at a dentist in Lake Mary, we utilize a remarkable, efficient teeth whitening system. This system is done through two primary steps: taking an impression of your teeth, and later creating a custom whitening tray tailored just for you.

This goes beyond a general treatment as our whitening gels can create the perfect smile just for you. Our whitening gels can improve the color of your teeth by as many as 8 different shades to match your likening. As years draw on, we promise you will be astounded by just how much of a difference the treatment makes.

Along with our cosmetic treatment, our orthodontic treatment also extends this initiative to provide the best dental care, as our outstanding Invisalign retainers work to finalize the work of providing you the perfect smile that you desire. These specialized clear plastic retainers are the new leader in undetectable, comfortable retainers that straighten your teeth in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

So take the first step to a beautiful, healthy smile with a visit to a dentist in Lake Mary today. You can quickly and easily schedule consultations and appointments by calling our office at (407) 606-5001, or call anytime if you are experiencing a dental emergency and require immediate assistance. You can also visit our conveniently located office at 229 Wheelhouse Ln Ste: 1241 or check out our website and social pages.

Whether you’re new to the area and are looking for a new dentist, or looking for an upgrade in your dental services, our team is ready to assist you and your family. No matter what kind of procedure you need, a dentist in Lake Mary is happy to help.

My girlfriend told me to go to Dentist of Lake Mary. She’d had a great experience, and so did I. I wasn’t convinced when I first went, but the staff and services were great. The dentist didn’t do anything without telling me exactly what was going to happen. Each new step was explained in detail. I don’t like dental visits but this was definitely my best experience yet. I won’t go anywhere else.

Susanna H.

A friend recommended Dentist of Lake Mary. That’s why I went. I wasn’t expecting anything different from any of the other dentists I have gone to. But was I pleasantly surprised. I’ve already had a really good experience during my first couple of my visits there. From the front desk to the doctors and staff, everyone is beyond friendly and patient. I’m sticking with Dentist of Lake Mary.

Gordon G.

Every member of the staff at Dentist of Lake Mary was informative, friendly and helpful. Even though it was my first visit, the dentist went out of the way to make sure I knew what was going to happen and was there anything else the staff could do to make me more comfortable. The dentist explained every step in detail. Since I was having a root canal, I was very nervous, but everyone at Dentist of Lake Mary made sure I was OK. Just a great atmosphere and vibe in the office, and that’s a first for me at a dentist’s office.

Margaret F.