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Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screening

Ask your dentist about an oral cancer screening

The team at Dentist of Lake Mary is a believer that screenings for oral cancer are a critical component of every visit to the office. Advances in technology for oral cancer screening make it easier to spot potential cancer symptoms earlier than in the past. A potential oral cancer should be treated as quickly as possible before it becomes an irreversible problem.
Because cancers, or symptoms of cancers can’t always be detected with the naked eye, an ultraviolet light may be used by the dentist to detect potential problems. There are other devices a dentist can use to detect oral cancers.

Lifestyle choices have an impact

Lifestyle choices by patients can affect the health of tissues in the mouth. If a patient regularly smokes or drinks too much alcohol, oral cancer screenings should be conducted during every visit.
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Oral Cancer Screening