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Professional Services for Teeth Whitening in Lake Mary

Professional Services for Teeth Whitening in Lake Mary

Professional Services for Teeth Whitening in Lake Mary

Dentist of Lake Mary takes a beautiful smile very seriously. The dental team is devoted to the restoration and enhancement of your smile. If you are aiming to find immaculate teeth whitening in Lake Mary, look no further.

Whitening treatments are our dentists’ specialty. Coffee and tea can stain the teeth over time and tooth whitening gel can clear that up in no time. The whitening agent we use is the most effective in all of Lake Mary.

For your initial visit, your dentist will check for gum disease. While inspecting your mouth your dentist may want to apply hydrogen peroxide which is a safe and effective treatment. The hydrogen peroxide treatment will strengthen your smile.

When it comes to your white smile, many whitening agents can exacerbate tooth sensitivity. Home teeth whitening agents will cause more sensitivity than office teeth whitening. Our whitening system is comfortable in every aspect.

Professional teeth whitening should never cause your mouth any pain. Proper brushing and flossing twice a day will keep your mouth clean. The tray system is what we use when it comes to teeth whitening in Lake Mary.

This system is composed of two steps. The first step is to create a personalized impression of your teeth using a tray. Once your tray is fabricated, it will be used each and every time you come in for a whitening treatment.

Once your tray is created, our team will put the whitening gel into the tray. Teeth are usually several shades whiter than before. Quality dental care is initiated at Dentist of Lake Mary. Your smile will look pristine and enhanced.

Quality care comes at an affordable price, and we accept a multiplicity of health insurance. In addition to teeth whitening in Lake Mary, our office offers premium restorative care and cosmetic dentistry.

Periodontal work is another sphere that our dentists hold an immense amount of familiarity with. Premium immaculate dental care for your smile is exactly what you deserve. Our dentists and team maintain a pleasant environment from the moment you enter the office.

Selecting the Dentist of Lake Mary for your next whitening treatment will be no mistake. You are in capable hands and our team will accommodate each and every one of your needs. Dental care is made convenient with Dentists of Lake Mary.

After your first appointment, your teeth will shine brighter than ever! To schedule an appointment, call 407-606-5001 or visit our website. We are devoted to the enhancement and quality of your smile.

My girlfriend told me to go to Dentist of Lake Mary. She’d had a great experience, and so did I. I wasn’t convinced when I first went, but the staff and services were great. The dentist didn’t do anything without telling me exactly what was going to happen. Each new step was explained in detail. I don’t like dental visits but this was definitely my best experience yet. I won’t go anywhere else.

Susanna H.

A friend recommended Dentist of Lake Mary. That’s why I went. I wasn’t expecting anything different from any of the other dentists I have gone to. But was I pleasantly surprised. I’ve already had a really good experience during my first couple of my visits there. From the front desk to the doctors and staff, everyone is beyond friendly and patient. I’m sticking with Dentist of Lake Mary.

Gordon G.

Every member of the staff at Dentist of Lake Mary was informative, friendly and helpful. Even though it was my first visit, the dentist went out of the way to make sure I knew what was going to happen and was there anything else the staff could do to make me more comfortable. The dentist explained every step in detail. Since I was having a root canal, I was very nervous, but everyone at Dentist of Lake Mary made sure I was OK. Just a great atmosphere and vibe in the office, and that’s a first for me at a dentist’s office.

Margaret F.