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Cosmetic Dentists in Lake Mary

Cosmetic Dentists in Lake Mary

Cosmetic Dentists in Lake Mary

What better place to turn to when you need help with your smile than your local Lake Mary dental office? At the Dentist of Lake Mary, we offer a multitude of dental services that help improve the overall oral health of our surrounding community. Our most popular services fall under the cosmetic dentistry focus. In this focus, we are able to provide every patient with dental veneers, dental bonding, lumineers, snap on smiles, and teeth whitening. These services are perfect for those who are looking to improve the overall image of their smile. 

Cosmetic Dentists in Lake Mary

Many times, our dentists will answer dental emergencies at Lake Mary dental and find that the easy fix is performing one of our cosmetic services. These services may include dental veneers, which focus on hiding any visible damage to the teeth. This includes implementing a thin ceramic shell to the tooth that covers the damage completely. When entering our office with tooth damage, you will first be examined to see what services will be available. Our dentists will then recommend a service and if that service happens to be the dental veneers or even needing a replacement tooth, they will schedule another appointment. 

At your next appointment, you will then begin the process of being sized for the product. Once the ceramic shell is implemented within the first two visits, we will then schedule a check-in appointment where we can officially complete the veneer service. The veneers typically take about two weeks to come in so we are able to provide you with a temporary one while you wait. This service will then be wrapped up and we will closely monitor the veneer each time you come in for your scheduled biannual cleaning. This service has become even more popular over the years, which is why it is so imperative to understand the process before coming into our office. 

In search of the right dental care in the area? Lake Mary dental brings you everything you need and then some. We are a dentist’s office consisting of seasoned professionals with years of practice. From the very moment that you enter our building, you will be welcomed and prompted on why you are visiting. Our dental experts will then sit you down to see what is happening with your smile and explain the certain options that can be done for your smile. To learn more about what we offer, you can visit our site here. Each service explained on our website is available to every patient no matter their situation. As dental experts, we take pride in being able to offer just about every service that pertains to oral hygiene. Because of this, our door is always open to patients from all over.

My girlfriend told me to go to Dentist of Lake Mary. She’d had a great experience, and so did I. I wasn’t convinced when I first went, but the staff and services were great. The dentist didn’t do anything without telling me exactly what was going to happen. Each new step was explained in detail. I don’t like dental visits but this was definitely my best experience yet. I won’t go anywhere else.

Susanna H.

A friend recommended Dentist of Lake Mary. That’s why I went. I wasn’t expecting anything different from any of the other dentists I have gone to. But was I pleasantly surprised. I’ve already had a really good experience during my first couple of my visits there. From the front desk to the doctors and staff, everyone is beyond friendly and patient. I’m sticking with Dentist of Lake Mary.

Gordon G.

Every member of the staff at Dentist of Lake Mary was informative, friendly and helpful. Even though it was my first visit, the dentist went out of the way to make sure I knew what was going to happen and was there anything else the staff could do to make me more comfortable. The dentist explained every step in detail. Since I was having a root canal, I was very nervous, but everyone at Dentist of Lake Mary made sure I was OK. Just a great atmosphere and vibe in the office, and that’s a first for me at a dentist’s office.

Margaret F.