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5 Signs It’s Time To Visit A Dentist in Winter Springs

5 Signs It’s Time To Visit A Dentist in Winter Springs

For many people, a tight schedule along with daily activities can get in the way of visiting the dentist. Although it may seem minor, putting off your scheduled check ups could put you face to face with many health risks, not only orally, but throughout the rest of your body, since it is all connected. You may get away with skipping out on the daily brushing and flossing but it is hard to ignore the real signs that are telling you to head over to the dentist in Winter Springs.

You Are Bleeding After Brushing/Flossing

You should not see blood in the sink after brushing unless you were simply being too aggressive. Bleeding could be a sign of weakened gums which can lead to gum disease. By not taking care of your teeth, your gums are at risk of losing the tissue that holds your teeth in place which can end up causing tooth loss. Any swelling or redness around the gums could also be a sign of gum disease which should tell you that it’s time to see the dentist in Winter Springs.


A toothache can be a sign of many possible dental problems and should be addressed immediately. A dentist in Winter Springs can help you determine and resolve the underlying issue which could be a cavity, grinding your teeth, or a broken tooth. Treating the issue efficiently can reduce any further problems and you will be smiling without any pain again in no time.

Ongoing Jaw Pain

There are many underlying reasons why you are experiencing pain in your jaw and only a dentist can give you an accurate reason and solution to your problems. If the jaw pain is causing severe headaches, then you should quickly head on over to your dentist as you can cause further damage to your jaw and your teeth the longer you wait for an answer.

Receding of Gums

Roughly 88% of people past 65 years old experience some kind of recession around at least one tooth. With that said, gums can start receding at any stage in life when there are underlying causes such as gum disease. If you notice your gums are receding you should contact a dentist in Winter Springs immediately as the treatment can help reduce any further recession and it can even reverse the process, making your gums healthier than ever.

Dry Mouth

If your mouth is unusually dry throughout the day, it is advised to visit your dentist as they can identify any illness or diseases that are causing your mouth to be so dry. A healthy mouth should be lubricated with saliva which helps break down foods and it also keeps the teeth moisturized. A dry mouth can be damaging to your teeth if the saliva isn’t there to wash away the bacteria that can grow and make the plaque even worse.

Plan Your Next Visit At The Dentist In Winter Springs

It is important to maintain the health of your natural teeth and if any of the above signs are occurring in your mouth, then you should visit the dentist immediately. Despite having a busy schedule, it is important to find time to visit your dentist at least once every six months for check ups to identify any underlying issues before they turn serious.

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